Research shows that the best way for a learner to master a skill comes not from the course or event, but from how deliberate they are in practicing and improving their skills over time.

Improvising to Train the Trainer

In this session, participants will benefit from learning how to infuse improvisational tools, techniques, games and exercises into live learning experiences. Learning is no longer a one size fits all and the ability to pivot in the moment, use humor to diffuse tension, facilitate difficult conversations and design interactive, engaging and experiential learning will arm today’s Trainer with a unique and powerful toolkit. This session will focus on the following key skills for Trainers and Facilitators:

• Adapting to the changing needs of today's learner

• Thinking fast, Pivoting in the Moment

• Tapping into creativity and authenticity, driving a more customized learning approach.

• Designing for Interpersonal Communication Skills • Designing for Engagement and Training that Sticks

• Storytelling, Personalizing the learning experience

Trainers will Benefit from:

The ability to adapt to the changing needs of the learner.

Thinking quick -the speed of learning is faster than ever.

Being more creative and innovative -can drive a more customized learning approach.

Approaches that include an emphasis on refining the social skills of the workforce and ensure that human to human skills training is on the agenda.

Spontaneity -flexibility in approach to designing learning scenarios.

Creating more engagement -can serve to retain and motivate employees.

Storytelling -personalizing the learning experience

How we do it?

BraveSpace sessions are experiential. Participants engage in a series of exercises that encourage them to interact, practice concepts and learn from the experience. After each exercise, facilitators draw out discoveries, challenges and real-world applications specific to the Trainers and their work. These sessions can be scaled between half to full or 2-Day programs, and are in encouraged as a quarterly to bi-annual offering to promote sustainability.

Programming Options

These programs are examples of areas, we can focus on, and can be pieced together, customized to your specific goals.

Part 1-Improv Fundamentals for Audience Engagement: Collaboration, Listening & Trust

Part 2-Inspire & Play with the Power of Storytelling

Part 3 Adapting in the Moment: Agility in Process and Performance

Part 4-Executive Presence: Own your Confidence and be ‘Audible-Ready

Note-Each Part is built as a half day session, however, all parts can be amended in content or time to meet clients needs.