Highest setting appointment rates of SalesLoft’s history one month following the Improv for Inside Sales Workshop.

Workshops and Team Development

Our workshops are designed with your desired outcomes in mind. We take your objectives and fold in the improvisational methodology to deliver an experiential, interactive and engaging learning program. We include traditional improv exercises, custom exercises built specifically for you, team challenges, skills practice aligned with your day to day work and co-create with you to discover the combination that best suits your needs. We facilitate an interactive debrief with participants after every exercise unpacking discoveries and insights, and wrap sessions with a recap and sustainability tools to continue the learning. Our skill building and team development workshops are designed for any industry or role with a focus on interpersonal, soft skills, communication and collaboration.

The length of a session can range from 3 hours to two days, and we can accommodate large or small groups.

SESSION Themes Include:

  • Collaboration and Teamwork

  • Communication Skills

  • Empathy & Trust

  • Resilience

  • Active Listening

  • Inclusive Cultures

  • Adaptability

  • Navigating Change

  • Accepting Failure

  • Executive Presence

  • Leadership Development

  • Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

  • Creativity and Innovation

BraveSpace Signature Workshops

Improv for Business-The Basics:

There has never been a more critical time to practice what is commonly referred to as “soft skills” in business today. We like to refer to them as human skills, any skill someone uses when interacting with another human. Our tech-driven work climate has made communicating face to face almost a lost art and the need for critical human skills ranks high on desirable skills any professional should have today. Soft skills are what differentiates humans from robots. This session will equip participants with tools and techniques to refine and develop soft skills like adaptability, critical thinking and empathy through live practice applying improv techniques to their day to day work.

Session Elements Include: Team Collaboration, Active Listening, Adaptability, Empathy, Creativity, Subtle Communication, Trust, Thinking on Your Feet, Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable, Confidence and Authenticity


Improv for Collaboration:

This workshop is designed to help teams explore ways to communicate and collaborate on more meaningful levels. When your team adopts a “we can do more together” mindset, it becomes a happy and more productive place to work. This session helps participants tap into the value of collaborating across functions and in teams. Through improv-based exercises, group games and participant debrief, participants explore tools and behaviors to encourage busting silos, cross-collaboration, creating a psychologically safe climate, inclusivity, problem-solving and critical thinking. This session is an excellent choice for bringing teams closer and building trust. Teams are engaged, having fun and learning new skills and techniques for solving problems and creating solutions together.

Session Elements Include: Creating Inclusive Mindsets and Cultures, Cross Collaboration, Busting Silos, Creating an Ensemble, The Power of Us Versus I, Building Trust, Team Innovation


Improv for Sales:

This workshop is designed to help sales professionals in any capacity interact with clients and prospects in more meaningful ways. In today’s business climate, no one wants to be sold to, and the best salespeople are able to pivot when needed. This session is designed to explore the human side of selling and focuses on what people care about most when it comes to interacting with sales people. We take the tools and techniques of improvisation and apply them to a sales rep’s day to day responsibilities and objectives strengthening a skill set specific to selling in today’s business landscape.

Session Elements Include: Building Trust, Authenticity, Active Listening, Storytelling, Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable, Being Other’s Focused, Pivoting in the Moment, Thinking on your Feet


Improv for Leadership:

This workshop is designed to help Leaders navigate in today’s tech-driven, constantly changing VUCA business world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous). The focus of this session is taking improv principles and applying them to key leadership attributes like Navigating Change, Agility, Cultivating Innovative Cultures, Empowering, Delegating, Empathy and Authenticity.

 “Those who are flexible. Individuals who are open to change and thrive on new experiences.  We refer to them as the learning agile. Because demands on us are changing every day, the behaviors that carried us through yesterday are not necessarily what will help us tomorrow.  This means those individuals who are quick to learn from experience and move forward with new ideas will be better prepared to succeed in tomorrow’s worldThis is especially true for our leaders in the business world.Psychology Today


Improv for Active Listening:

This workshop is designed to help all levels and roles in business practice and develop strong active listening skills. In spite of how critical listening is when people are interacting and connecting with others, many of us aren’t really that good at it. The truth is, good listening is hard to master because it requires practice and creating the time and space for it. This workshop will explore active listening techniques that can be practiced and developed even after the workshop is over. We’ll take participants through exercises highlighting the common pitfalls to bad listening creating awareness around what not to do. When people feel what it’s like to truly be listened to, they can understand why it is one of the most important traits you can have.

Session Elements Include: How Listening Builds Trust, Suspending Judgement, Mastering Silence, Non-verbal Cues, Affirming the Message, Eye Contact, Letting Go of Your Agenda, Whole Body Listening


Improv for Training the Trainer:

“Engage, Play and Inspire: Using Improvisation to Train the Trainer”

In this session, participants will benefit from learning how to infuse improvisational tools, techniques, games and exercises into live learning experiences. Learning is no longer a one size fits all and the ability to pivot in the moment, use humor to diffuse tension, facilitate difficult conversations and design interactive, engaging and experiential learning will arm today’s Trainer with a unique and powerful toolkit. This session will focus on the following key skills for Trainers and Facilitators:

  • Adapting to the changing needs of today's learner

  • Thinking fast, Pivoting in the Moment

  • Tapping into creativity and authenticity, driving a more customized learning approach.

  • Designing for Interpersonal Communication Skills

  • Designing for Engagement and Training that Sticks

  • Storytelling, Personalizing the learning experience

Improv for Professionals Quarterly FREE Workshop

(New for 2019)

The BraveSpace team is proud to offer a FREE quarterly workshop series in 2019. This is your opportunity to see what we do and how we apply improvisational skills to professional development and team building.

Whether you are a Salesperson, Leader, Entrepreneur or Teacher this workshop offers a sneak peek into the basics of Applied Improv and how it can be used to teach critical communication and team development skills.

In this 2 hour program, participants will explore the following themes through engaging, interactive and fun exercises:

  • Active Listening

  • Collaboration and Teamwork

  • Executive Presence and Confidence

  • Taking Risk and Failure

  • Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Come join BraveSpace in our quarterly public workshop, and we’ll teach you the power of using improv skills at work.

The Brave Difference

The art form of improvisation is unique to training and business environments. Creating a brave space where people learn how to respond & interact in the moments you cannot prepare for is basically our superpower, and no other training can execute this kind of experience.