Working with BraveSpace helped participants
replace the scary, virtual inferno fear, the most
intimidating part of building trust, and substituted it
with alternative ways to practice laughter,
vulnerability and less judgement.

BraveSpace offers live learning programs and creative business solutions for teams and individuals using the methodology of improvisation. Whether on a stage or in the workplace, the fundamentals of improvisation empower organizations to tap into and practice skills and behaviors that lead to inclusive environments and attitudes. The only thing that is certain in today’s business climate is that it will change. Try something different, get comfortable with the uncomfortable, and be ready to meet the unexpected. Let’s get Brave!


Improv for Professionals Quarterly FREE Workshop

(New for 2019)

The BraveSpace team is proud to offer a FREE quarterly workshop series in 2019. This is your opportunity to see what we do and how we apply improvisational skills to professional development and team building.

Whether you are a Salesperson, Leader, Entrepreneur or Teacher this workshop offers a sneak peek into the basics of Applied Improv and how it can be used to teach critical communication and team development skills.

In this 2 hour program, participants will explore the following themes through engaging, interactive and fun exercises:

  • Active Listening

  • Collaboration and Teamwork

  • Executive Presence and Confidence

  • Taking Risk and Failure

  • Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Come join BraveSpace in our quarterly public workshop, and we’ll teach you the power of using improv skills at work.






Live Learning & Workshops

Our workshops are designed with your desired outcomes in mind. We take your objectives & fold in the improvisational methodology to deliver an interactive and engaging learning program. 

Interactive Keynotes

Having a kick-off, product launch, conference or large company event? Our keynotes are much like our workshops, only executed for larger audiences and usually from a stage.

Event support

We can add spice to your event in a variety of ways! The great thing about improvisers is that they can work off-script, in the moment and perform with ease.


Kristy West

Kristy is an Improv Facilitator, Speaker and Founder of BraveSpace. She has been performing and teaching improv for the last two decades. She blends her unique experience in improvisational comedy, corporate sales, and training to help teams and individuals communicate in more meaningful ways & reach their fullest potential.


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