Mission to the World Session Recap

If Change Is The New Normal, Then Improvisation Is The New Skill To Master


First off, thank you ALL for being vulnerable and putting yourselves out there for something of an unorthodox learning experience. I have compiled takeaways for you here. The goal is to provide ways to continue the learning, because this kind of learning and behavior change requires PRACTICE. We spent a lot of time discovering the power of applying improv skills to your work, so let’s not lose anything, but instead keep building on it.

  1. Session Recap

  2. Reinforcements to keep up the Practice

  3. Other Recommendations

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1. Session Recap

Session Objectives:

  1. How can we help each other navigate Change in a dispersed, digital and diverse landscape?

  2. Putting in the time and work to communicate more effectively makes a difference

  3. Helping your people find their voice and supporting and encouraging them to use it

  4. Supporting each other through change is within our power, preventing change from happening is not.

Improv Anchors:

  1. Being Present, Aware, In the Moment

  2. Adaptability, Pivoting, Being Others Focused

  3. Empathy, Adjusting to the needs of the room

  4. Listening for Values-How they feel

Here’s what we learned:

Taking care of each other "Making each other look good and insanely smart"! Improvisers learn quickly that in order to take creative risks and collaborate at the levels needed to create improv on the stage, you must become each other’s caretaker. We support and take care of each other so there is no worry of failing or looking silly. What if we all encouraged and supported each other this way at work?

Change is inevitable in today’s ever evolving complex world and what is within our control is how we react to it and treat each other in the critical moments. When we “get each other’s back” change can be easier to navigate, we have a support system.

Adaptability and Resilience Our brains develop patterns quickly and how even minor changes in patterns can feel disruptive. Habits are powerful and playing games that purposely disrupt patterns can increases mental agility and psychological adaptability. These are essential for doing improv but even more important to a successful life in which we will have to navigate change that we do not see coming.

Change is uncomfortable We hesitate to make a move because we are scared of the outcome. We dismiss the first thing in most cases because we do not want to get it wrong or look silly. No one is saying you should not prepare or think it over, however, there are time in today’s world when there just isn’t time to mull it over. The ability to jump in without hesitation in the moments it serves us can be a game changer.

Developing Leaders in a VUCA environment white paper.

2-Practicing Reinforcements

Take improv classes, it’s the gym for your social skills and strengthening those muscles will allow you to more easily access them in the moments that matter in your work and life.

Books to Read:

The Fearless Organization

Blogs by Kristy about all things Improv and Learning.

And if you really wanna go nuts, I’m a bit of a collector….






I adore this video on Change and its Impact on Creativity