Improvisation Skills for the Staffing and Recruiting Industry

When your product is a human being, you have no control over the outcomes. Staffing and Recruiting is one of the most unpredictable, ever-evolving, multi-hat wearing industries out there and in order to thrive, you must learn to roll with the punches, adapt to change and juggle multiple tasks with ease. Adopting these critical skills will arm you with the right set of tools for success in today’s staffing and recruiting landscape.

·    Accepting Mistakes

·    Being Other’s Focused

·    Building Trust

·    Giving and Receiving Feedback

• Adaptability

• Pivoting in the Moment

• Resilience

• Navigating Change

• Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

A different approach

The skill of improvisation is unique to training and business environments. If there was ever a time for people in business to learn the skill of improvisation, it is now. Soft skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills and human skills are critical in today’s ever-evolving, tech-driven business climate. Creating a brave space where people learn how to respond & interact in the moments you cannot prepare for is basically our superpower, and no other training can execute this kind of experience.

Recruiting is uniquely tough because it’s the only job that I know where what you are selling can turn around and say ‘no’.
— Greg Savage

Skill Building and Team Development workshops

Our workshops are designed with your desired outcomes in mind. We take your objectives and fold in the improvisational methodology to deliver an experiential, interactive and engaging learning program. We include traditional improv exercises, custom exercises built specifically for you, team challenges, skills practice built on your actual day to day work and discover with you the combination that best suits your needs. We facilitate an interactive debrief with participants after every exercise unpacking discoveries and insights, applying concepts to their work and wrap sessions with a recap and sustainability tools to continue the learning. The length of a session ranges from 3 hours to a full day, and we can accommodate large or small groups.


Recruiter & Operations Training

Communication Skills

Cross Collaboration

Dealing with Rejection

Managing Change

Thinking on Your Feet



Active Listening

Agile Leadership Training

  • Empower - Bring a brick, no a cathedral. You don’t have to have the whole solution; empowering others to contribute ideas and suggestions creates buy-in for everyone and ultimately empowers you to make far more informed decisions.

  • Support - Create an environments where your team is allowed to take risks, fail fast in safe ways and speak openly about issues and ideas. When someone goes out on a limb in an brainstorming session, be the first to join them.

  • Appreciate - Be grateful for any and all information - good, bad and ugly. Knowledge is power. The more open you are to receiving information from employees or from bosses, the more effective and knowledgeable leader you will be.


Staffing Sales & Business Development Training


Active Listening

Thinking on Your Feet



Executive Presence and Presentation Skills

Communication Skills

Team Development Training

Something for everyone from new hires to whole team training, think of this as team building.

  • Developing an Innovative culture requires people supporting creativity and risk-taking, to be innovative-you cannot always play it safe.

  • Getting off-script. Planning and following a script can undermine creativity and strategic thinking, discouraging great ideas to flourish.

  • Getting past failure - Leaders who innovate know how to get past failure.

  • How to create space and time for innovation.

  • Celebrating new ideas - creating a forum for new ideas.

  • Using Empathy and Authenticity to promote Trust. An environment where people trust is one that handles change with ease and invites innovation.

  • Creating a strong ensemble. Encouraging an “All of Us is Better than One of Us” mindset so that innovation is something everyone is a part of.

Even the very best recruiters are rejected on an almost daily basis. It could be someone refusing to take your call, a candidate turning down your role, or even a client telling you point blank they don’t want to work with you. Daily knock backs are almost guaranteed.
— Morgan Mckinley

BraveSpace offers improv-based training and team building programs applying the methodology of improvisation to create highly interactive and fun learning experiences focusing on two main areas: Skill Building and Team Development.  Our programs are designed with your objectives and themes in mind. Our unique approach creates engagement and training that sticks. Whether your team wants to learn how to be better communicators or your team needs a boost in collaboration, creativity or innovation, the BraveSpace team of experts will co-create with you to learn the individual team needs and your desired outcomes. Come on get Brave!