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The Vice President of Sales Excellence and Chief of Staff at Elavon, were faced with integrating new sales teams along with implementing a variety of changes in initiatives and daily protocols. They wanted to bust out of the ‘silo’ mentality that ran rampant in the existing teams and join teams together throughout the organization. In addition, Elavon was seeking a way to ease the challenges that come with change and overcome the “way it’s always been” mindset. To do this, they wanted a thought provoking, engaging and fun learning program that would promote collaboration, respect and inclusive mindsets. 

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Bravespace co-creating with Elavon helped develop a customized, experiential based learning program using improvisational tools and techniques for Navigating Change, busting silos and getting past failure.

Participants practiced tapping into behaviors like resilience, cross-collaboration and interpersonal skills in their day to day work at the moments that matter the most. They then applied improv based techniques allowing them to practice and experience alternative outcomes. The session elements included how to use active listening to build trust, how to suspend judgement and truly listen, how to master the art of silence, how to watch for non-verbal cues, how to affirm a message, and how to be fully present.  

BraveSpace’s training was a completely different experience all together. Traditional training has been largely ineffective in making a difference in culture. The difference in BraveSpace is it gets to culture almost immediately and has a lasting effect.
— VP of Sales Excellence
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The results of the BraveSpace workshop were seen immediately. Elavon managers noticed “team members collaborating like never before. Participants embraced the improv exercises and immediately applied them to their day to day work improving communication, trust and inclusive mindsets. One participant said ‘we were on our feet the whole time and away from our notebooks and laptops which was great.’ And the training helped break down the barriers between the different teams and get them outside of their comfort zones. Elavon gave themselves permission to play and allowed for vulnerability and now they have the tools to cultivate innovation and drive a co-collaborative creative process.

BraveSpace is looking forward to Phase 2 “Shifting from Command and Control Mindsets to Trust, Empowerment and Vulnerability” with this group to continue to build on the previous learning.