BizProv-Improv Classes for Professionals

2019 Fall Session Begins Sept 18th

Thinking on your feet, communication skills, executive presence, accepting failure, and collaboration are all vital elements to your professional success. The improv skills you'll learn in this course can be applied to life & work to create better ways to interact with others, to tap into your authentic self, to promote confidence and creativity enabling you to reach your fullest potential.



Improv Skills for Professionals Training Program

In this engaging 6-week Improv Training course we will cover:

  • Active Listening

  • Communication Skills

  • Executive Presence & Public Speaking

  • Authenticity

  • Thinking on Your Feet

  • Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable


  • Trust

  • Empathy

  • Risk Taking and Failure

  • Team Development & Collaboration

  • Adaptability & Resilience

  • Making Vulnerability a Superpower

  • Agile Leadership

Next Session Begins September 2019

NOTE: Start date may fluctuate based on meeting the numbers to fill a class. Don’t worry though, it’s never by more than a few weeks off. We will communicate as class fills to be sure dates are still viable for all.

Class Day/Times:

Sept 18th-Oct 23rd 2019

Every Wednesday for 6 weeks

6:00-8:30 PM

Class Location:

Atlanta Tech Park

107 Technology Parkway

Peachtree Corners, GA

Next Session: Fall 2019

Note: We cannot commit to a date until we have a full class, so once you are registered, we will communicate regularly as class fills up, We usually fill up fast after summer, so please be brave and secure your spot now.

Price: $275 (6 weeks, 15 hours)

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6-Week BizProv Class
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Why BizProv?

The same skills that improv actors use on stage are the same skills that enable you in business to communicate in more meaningful ways. There is a huge gap in soft skills training in the workplace. Fill the gap and watch yourself reap the benefits at work and in life.

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Professional Development Facilitator led improv for business class one day a week for six weeks totaling 15 hours. Digital and hard copy manuals provided with recap of concepts covered and reinforcements to sustain learning.

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If you need to cancel, please notify us immediately. If within 60 days of class start date, we can offer a full refund. If less than 60 days, we can defer your payment to the next session, or refund ½ of total amount paid.

How can you use improvisation to teach business skills?

Many people think of comedy when they think of improv. It’s really not about being funny-although when used in a comedy show-it can be.  The truth is, improv actors train and practice relentlessly to sharpen the necessary skill set to perform improvisation for stage successfully. The artform also lends itself to conditioning the muscles of working off script, stepping into the unknown, being in the moment and just using what you have.  Sound familiar? Aren’t we doing that everyday at work?

The training methodology we use to design and execute our programs takes the same conditioning and skill building an improv actor undergoes and applies it to teams and business environments.

Specific skills like listening, empathy, agility and trust are a few of the concepts we weave into a program through live exercises that elicit thought provoking discoveries on why these skills are so critical and how they can be applied to day to day work. A natural byproduct of the improv methodology is its ability to bring teams closer inducing vulnerability, collaboration, creativity, innovation, ensemble building and a “We can do more together than solo” mindset.

Learning and Development leaders today are adopting a blended learning approach using classroom, web based and experiential methods to create an approach that appeals to today’s learners. Our methodology folds into the experimental side of the house and reaches learners through highly interactive and engaging techniques where there is live practice of skills using real-world examples and drawing clear applications to your organization.

The skill of improvisation is an excellent tool for driving collaboration and teamwork, allowing space for creativity and innovation to breed. The unique nature of improv helps teams discover unknown territories where people connect, trust, and create thus enabling them to enter the unknown without fear. When a group is able to connect in authentic ways, a world of possibilities awaits them.

No other methodology teaches the value and rewards of building something together in the moment and puts to practice all the skills that matter whenever humans must interact with other humans-all in a brave space.