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Don't Get blown away! The Skills of Improvisation builds stronger teams.

We learn very early in life that the strongest survive.  We know that building a house of straw or sticks isn’t the smartest plan. The solid choice is brick, carefully placed one by one and bound together by a strong adhesive.  It might take longer and the work is tedious, but the end result will stand strong and weather the storms (or a hungry wolf).

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3 Improv Skills Every Salesperson Needs

The art of sales is a lot like the art of improv.  Both disciplines require training and practice in heightened communication skills.  They also require a vulnerability, wherein participants put themselves out there, hoping to succeed, but with no guarantee.  Neither improv nor sales is easy, and achieving success in either one is a satisfying accomplishment.  Because of my dual careers as an improv performer and as a salesperson, I learned almost all of the successful techniques cross-over. I want to   share 3 important lessons that I took from the stage to my sales work which elevated my career and made selling a hell of a lot easier.

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