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3 Ways to Promote Collaboration on the Fly at Work

While there may be times at work to create, solve a problem or build something with someone you know well and have a bonded with. The will be other times, you may not know your co-worker, but the work still needs to get done.  Either way, the ability to collaborate on the fly, bridges the gap between the speed of change in workplaces today and the organizational culture needed to support it.

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Mastering the Art of Teaming is the New Way to Work

The need for “teaming” today is greater than ever and linking together the “on the fly” nature of improv with the “collaboration mindset” we now have a way to practice it. For me, this is like uncovering a new exercise that isolates a muscle I need to tone but didn’t know how.

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Don't Get blown away! The Skills of Improvisation builds stronger teams.

We learn very early in life that the strongest survive.  We know that building a house of straw or sticks isn’t the smartest plan. The solid choice is brick, carefully placed one by one and bound together by a strong adhesive.  It might take longer and the work is tedious, but the end result will stand strong and weather the storms (or a hungry wolf).

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