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On Improv and Choices

Improv is all about choices. Life is all about choices.  I’ve continued to have a struggle over the last few years as a teacher of improv where I realize how incredibly difficult it is to really do what we teach. In our safe bubble, where every choice is the right choice, because no matter what our partners will support us, it’s easy.  In real life, we are not always in a safe place and there are no partners in sight.

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3 Improv Skills Every Salesperson Needs

The art of sales is a lot like the art of improv.  Both disciplines require training and practice in heightened communication skills.  They also require a vulnerability, wherein participants put themselves out there, hoping to succeed, but with no guarantee.  Neither improv nor sales is easy, and achieving success in either one is a satisfying accomplishment.  Because of my dual careers as an improv performer and as a salesperson, I learned almost all of the successful techniques cross-over. I want to   share 3 important lessons that I took from the stage to my sales work which elevated my career and made selling a hell of a lot easier.

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