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Don't Get blown away! The Skills of Improvisation builds stronger teams.

We learn very early in life that the strongest survive.  We know that building a house of straw or sticks isn’t the smartest plan. The solid choice is brick, carefully placed one by one and bound together by a strong adhesive.  It might take longer and the work is tedious, but the end result will stand strong and weather the storms (or a hungry wolf).

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3 Roles that scream,” I need to learn improv!” Sales, Leadership, and Customer Service please stand up.

I’m the first person to proudly proclaim that improv skills are good for everyone, doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. Improvisation provides a life changing set of skills. So, that’s my disclaimer.  The following are just three capacities that are on my hot list right now. They’ll be more to come, you can count on it.

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Change Your Company Culture, or Else

During my years working in the staffing industry, questions about a company’s culture came up a lot.  Staffing companies play an important role as the liaison between prospective candidates and the company doing the hiring.  A company’s culture is a critical piece in enticing talent to want to work at a particular company. I was always amazed at how many companies undervalued their culture.

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