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Don't be a D ___! Check your Ego and Humanity at the Door.

One of my early improv coaches had a philosophy and it was “Don’t be a - D _ _ _!" (rhymes with tick) Basically, don’t be mean and remember to leave your ego at the door because improv has no place for it. The art form is purely about being selfless, inclusive, and kind. Maybe it’s one of the reasons I latched on so passionately. I viewed it as more of a code I wanted to not only practice on stage but to live by as well. I had found something that was not only artistically satisfying, but that could also set the tone for how people should strive to be as humans.

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“Oh the Places They’ll Go!” Transforming our Youth through Improvisational Training

I teach improv and my 15 year old daughter cannot make eye contact.  For a Mom who considers eye contact one of the most critical steps to connecting with others, this scares me.  You know what else scares me?   She is petrified to express herself in school. She tells me that the very thought of raising her hand in class to ask a question sends her to a near panic attack. 

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If You Make Them Laugh, They Will Buy

Business and comedy have historically remained on opposite sides of the fence; however, we are starting to see a shift in our world of shorter-than-ever attention spans.  Companies are starting to realize that content marketing, and more specifically the online content featured on their YouTube channels, Facebook and Twitter feeds is one of their biggest selling tools.  Customers today want to be entertained not informed.

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