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On Improv and Choices

Improv is all about choices. Life is all about choices.  I’ve continued to have a struggle over the last few years as a teacher of improv where I realize how incredibly difficult it is to really do what we teach. In our safe bubble, where every choice is the right choice, because no matter what our partners will support us, it’s easy.  In real life, we are not always in a safe place and there are no partners in sight.

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5 Reason Why Holiday Parties Need Improv

Another year is coming to a close and companies are faced with planning yet another exciting holiday party. You want to close the year out with a fun and memorable event. Your people have worked hard and you want to reward them with something different.  You’ve already done the Dave and Buster’s thing, having it at the CEO’s house is not an option and karaoke has just worn out its welcome.

You're in a pickle.

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