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Companies that have leaders who are highly effective communicators had 47% higher total returns to shareholders over the last five years compared with firms that have leaders who are the least effective communicators.
— Holmes Report

Active Listening for Sales Workshop

This workshop is designed to help sales professionals practice and develop strong active listening skills.

In spite of how critical active listening is when salespeople are interacting with their prospects, most are not very good at it.  Truth is, good listening is hard to master because it requires practice and creating the time and space to develop the skill set. In this workshop, we will explore active listening techniques that can be practiced and developed even after the workshop is over.

We’ll take participants through improv based exercises in pairs or teams highlighting the common pitfalls of bad listening creating awareness around what “not to do”. When people can feel what it’s like to truly be listened to they can understand why it is one of the most powerful sales tools you can have today. In this session, we will take participants through scenarios that align with their true day to day and apply active listening techniques allowing them to practice and experience alternative outcomes.

Why the Improv Methodology Works?

The skill of improvisation is unique to training and business environments. If there was ever a time for people in business to learn the skill of improvisation, it is now. Soft skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills and human skills are critical in today’s ever-evolving, tech driven business climate. Creating a brave space where people learn how to respond & interact in the moments you cannot prepare for is basically our superpower, and no other training can execute this kind of experience.

It’s said that more than 60 percent of all problems existing between people and within businesses is a result of faulty communication. A failure to actively listen can result in mistakes and misunderstandings.

Session Elements Include:

Active Listening to Build Trust

Suspending Judgement to Truly Listen

Mastering the Art of Silence

Non-verbal Cues

Affirming the Message

Eye Contact

Letting Go of Your Agenda

Whole Body Listening

Being Fully Present

Fortune 500 companies waste an estimated $75 million per year in meetings and much of the waste is due to the staggering cost of ineffective listening.

Session Takeaways

  • Active Listening techniques Reps can use at every stage of the sales process.

  • Ways to make every interaction more meaningful and memorable.

  • Sustainability and practice plan to continue the learning.

  • Enhanced Self-Awareness creating areas of opportunity for change and professional growth

Case Studies

Highest setting appointment rates of SalesLoft’s history one month following the Improv for Inside Sales Workshop. Read more

U.S. Bank’s Leadership Team had a blast engaging with one another and learning how to encourage trust by thinking about a few simple statements and actions. Read more

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Meet the Program Partners



Kristy West is a Certified Applied Improv Practitioner, Speaker, and Founder of BraveSpace. She has been studying, performing and teaching improv for almost two decades. Along with her improv experience, Kristy spent over 15 years in B2B Sales and Corporate Training. She blends her unique experience in improvisational comedy, sales, and training to help teams and professionals be better communicators and collaborators.
After spending many years experiencing first hand how work environments can suffer when there is a lack of connection, interpersonal skills, and collaboration, Kristy's improv, and professional life collided (in a good way). She developed a driving need to share the power of improvisation with teams and professionals to help shift mindsets and cultures.


Marge Bieler

Marge is the CEO and Founder of RareAgent who has honed the skill of capturing attention, encouraging growth, and converting leads. Her social prospecting methods lead to results and executive contacting, including the Chairman of the Board of Federal Express, CEO of LinkedIn and Founder of Salesforce. Marge also provides valuable training in active listening, social selling, sales, and marketing best practices.

For her dedication, she has been awarded AA-ISP’s Top 25 Most Influential Inside Sales Professionals and 20 Women to Watch by SLMA.  You can enjoy her expertise on blogs like AA-ISP, LinkedIn, Open for Business and Pipeliner CRM’s SalesPOP.

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Companies that have leaders who are highly effective communicators had 47% higher total returns to shareholders over the last five years compared with firms that have leaders who are the least effective communicators.
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